The wonderful promontory of Monte Argentario, with cliffs falling into the waters of the Tyrrhenian coast with emotions and unique views. Through trails, roads and paths you can reach small corners of paradise. Bays, corners rocky, sandy beaches, secluded beaches, but also establishments equipped for the most demanding. Anything you want at your fingertips.

• Cala Galera
Reachable from the path of the villa is the private sandy beach of Cala Galera. The beach service with umbrellas and sun beds for hire during the summer, is connected with the port of the same name, with all its amenities ... bathrooms, bars, restaurants etc etc. Its shallow waters make it perfect for small children. The beach offers a beautiful view and the sun until sunset.

• Feniglia
A stone's throw from the Villa, the famous beach of Fenglia 7 km of sand that extends to Ansedonia. The beach offers a choice between establishments equipped beach. Its shallow waters make it perfect for the little ones. The famous establishment Arm offers in addition to courtesy and professionalism and also a restaurant where you can taste quality food. Behind the beach the famous pine forest, a protected area can be visited on foot or by bicycle. In the pine forest you may encounter deer, wild boar, squirrels, porcupines, etc etc

• Le Pietrine
This rocky beach is located between the marina of Cala Galera and Porto Ercole; can be reached only by sea, due to a steep cliff that makes it impossible to access by land.

• Le Viste
It is the closest to Porto Ercole. Famous for being topped by the Spanish fortress and to be placed in front of the small island, called the islet. The beach is stony, but you can also hire sun loungers and parasols lounging on the beautiful lawn of the establishment "Riva del Marchese".

• La Piletta
The beach is located between the drain of the Spanish Fortress and Forte Stella, easily accessible from the main road, characterized by small beaches.

• Spiaggia Lunga
The beach is long, formed by a predominantly sandy beach and its waters rather low.

• Lo Sbarcatello
The beach instead of Sbarcatello is mainly rocky.

• L'Acqua Dolce
It is a beach of sand and small stones. There are establishments where you can rent chairs and umbrellas, but worth a visit!

• Il Purgatorio
Purgatory, or Mouth of Hell, is an inlet whose name is decidedly not very reassuring. It is one of the few beaches on this side within walking distance, even if the path is long and very challenging.

• Il Mar Morto
Going south, you reach the beach of the Dead Sea, a must for any visitor. The diving equipment would be ideal, but even a simple snorkling gear will allow you to admire one of the most beautiful backdrops in this area. It owes its name to a natural swimming pool where the body of water is almost always calm; This body of water is formed and protected by a barrier of rocks. On site there is a spring of sulphurous water slightly. Faced with this feature beach is a large rock called the Red Island. To get there, come to the end of the municipal road in La Maddalena, go left on a road closer to find after about 4.3 km to the right along a footpath takes you to the sea.

Continuing the tour will open many other coves and bays coming up to St. Stephen. Each of them gives the characteristic views.

Among the most famous::
Le Cannelle
Cala Grande – la grande cala
Cala del Gesso – l’arenile ben riparto dai venti
La Cacciarella
Cala del Bove
Cala Piccola
L’Acqua Appesa
Cala dell’Olio
Sassi Verdi
Giannella – 8 km di sabbia
La Bionda – la piscinetta di Porto Santo Stefano
Il Siluripedio
La Caletta
La Sanità
La Cantoniera
Punta Nera
La Soda
Bagni di Domiziano